Last month our own Matson Breakey (Co-Founder & VP Sales at sister company, Metalcloak) released an updated version of his 101 Off Road Tips, cleverly titled 102 Off Road Tips. Co-edited with Land Use Green Beret Del Albright (facebook), the Free eBook contains valuable tips for any Off Road Enthusiast

The tips cover everything from basic off roading to choosing a trail to volunteering to land use. Many are so extensive that they cover two or three topics... the book could really be called 1001 Off Road Tips. ;-)

For example, Tip #10... 
Check those tires too! When you fill up your fuel tank prior to your adventure, be sure to check the pressure in your tires, including the spare. Nothing worse than finding out that your spare is flat. Carry a tire plug kit for those repairs you can make. Don’t forget to rotate your off-road tires like you do your car tires – makes them last longer and perform better.

Could easily be converted to three individual tips! 

Don't miss out... download your free eBook today... 
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