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MetalCloak Chromoly Dog-Legged Tie Rod, JK Wrangler

MetalCloak Chromoly Dog-Legged Tie Rod, JK Wrangler

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The Chromoly Dog-Legged Tie Rod for the JK Jeep Wrangler is added strength to replace the vulnerable stock tie rod.

Features Include:
  • Tubular 1.625”OD .375” wall ID 4130 Chromoly CDS
  • Gold zinc chromate finish
  • 1-Ton forged heat treated off set dog leg rod ends
  • Rod end design controls tie rod flop
  • OE taper pin and lock nut for exact fitment
  • Sealed with durable rubber grease boots
  • Adjustable while installed
  • Includes HD steering stabilizer bracket
Exclusive to MetalCloak, this tie rod comes with dual 1-ton forged and heat treated 1" Dog-Leg Rod-Ends. they have strength and provides the needed clearance for stock or aftermarket wheels and provides full turning radius. MetalCloak dog-legged rod ends control tie rod flop providing better performance. Ends are sealed with grease boots to keep debris out and lubrication in. The adjustable tie rod can be adjusted while installed on the vehicle for fine tuning.

The heavy duty 3/16" hot rolled steel plate adjustable steering stabilizer mounting bracket installs onto the tie-rod and re-positions the stabilizer up and out of harms way; the mount is designed for aftermarket steering stabilizers.

The optional billet mount is a two piece aluminum design, is simple to install, and allows you to position the stabilizer for maximum performance. Finished in anodized black with a laser engraved "M" around the recessed bolt holes for a clean and custom look.

Note: If purchasing the billet tie rod mount MetalCloak highly recommends using anti-seize on all bolts.
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