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Metalcloak Jeep JK Wrangler Baller Joints™, HD Ball Joints, Full Set

Metalcloak Jeep JK Wrangler Baller Joints™, HD Ball Joints, Full Set

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"BALLER" Informal adjective: extremely good, impressive or excellent.

MetalCloak's Baller Joints™ HD Ball Joints for the Jeep JK Wrangler are the ONLY Ball Joints that are comprised of top level materials with ALL the best features contained in one package. This is the last ball joint you will ever need. Upper and Lower Load Bearing, Captured, Fully Sealed, Adjustable, In-Jeep rebuildable and Made in the USA.

Features Include:
  • Load Bearing Upper and Lower Joints
  • Hardened Tool Steel Races
  • Induction Hardened Chromoly Spindle & Ball
  • Composite Bushing for Radial Loads (Side to Side Movement)
  • Load Rated Composite Bushing at over 23,000lbs-each X2!
  • Fully Sealed top and bottom O-ring AND Shaft Wiper Seals
  • Recessed Zerk Fittings for Easy Service/Grease
  • Adjustable Pre Load for Upper & Lower Joints
  • In-JEEP Rebuildable Upper & Lower
  • Gold Zinc, Clear Zinc & Anodized Red Finish
  • Made in the USA
MetalCloak uses the best features and combines them with top quality materials to create a ball joint replacement set that is unrivaled; this is the only ball joint that is Fully Sealed, Captured, Adjustable, On-Jeep rebuildable and made in the USA. Replace your worn ball joints with the best you can get.

MetalCloak ball joints start with Chromoly Spindle & Ball with Induction Hardened surface strength that resists wear and provides a maximized bearing area to distribute force loads; the material gives superior ability to absorb energy without fracture over inferior materials.

Composite bearing sleeve slide over the spindle to handle shock loads and are the most resistant to deformation. Ball and spindle are both load bearing and utilize metal-on-metal strength captured with Tool Steel Races that eliminate memory steer and are long lasting.

Both upper and lower joints are adjustable for preload tension, have recessed zerk fittings for servicing and are sealed with multiple Buna-N Rubber O-Rings along with wiper seals on the shafts to keep contaminants out and grease in.

Aluminum lock nut and Thread on Top Cap capture the joints so there is no possibility of pulling the joints out of the C.

Anodized Red aluminum with Silver and Gold Zinc steel plated components highlight the quality and craftmanship and are sure to let others know you appreciate American Made quality and top notch performance. Sealed, Captured, Adjustable, and On-Jeep rebuildable; the last ball joints you will ever need.
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