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Metalcloak Universal Adjustable Bump-Stop System (2")

Metalcloak Universal Adjustable Bump-Stop System (2")

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MetalCloak's Adjustable Bump-Stop System is designed so you can dial in the exact amount of bump stop for the tire size you choose. Designed for Jeep JK/JL/JT Wrangler Front or for the TJ/LJ Front and Rear applications.

Features Include:
  • 4 Stackable One Inch Thermoset Elastomer Pads
  • Easy Height Adjustment for 1" - 2"
  • No Need to Remove Coils for Adjustment (after install)
  • Black Oxide Bolts In Required Lengths for all Heights
  • Gold Zinc Chromate Bump Plate
Easily add or take away the stackable pads to get the perfect amount of bump-stop needed maximize your suspension travel while setting limit to keep tires from hitting vital components. Can be adjusted without removing coils.

Note: MetalCloak recommends you have a suspension specialist align your Jeep once MetalCloak suspension is installed.
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